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A great Koorie event is happening in Melbourne on 8 October 2015. The Tanderrum is a traditional ceremony of the Kulin nation. It is a welcoming festival of song, dance, trading and cultural exchange. This is an essential and vital part of Kulin ritual. Students will find this really engaging. 

On the opening night of the Melbourne Festival, Friday 8 October, the five nations of the Eastern Kulin will come together to open the festival and welcome local and international artists to perform on country. Fusing music, performance and storytelling with cultural traditions that stretch back over 40,000 years TANDERRUM celebrates the proud and living culture of the land’s traditional owners. (source: ). Here are some more links:

As with all activities involving Koorie culture, don’t forget to check the Koorie Cross-Curricular Protocols for Victorian Government Schools to ensure that your activity is respectful to the Traditional Owners of the land. Have fun!