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This is number 15 in a series of great articles designed to put in school newsletters to keep parents informed around the latest cybersafety issues. They have been developed by Cybersmartthe Cybersmart team at ACMA and are available via

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Safe use of location-based services

Portable communication and entertainment technology has evolved with many devices now connected to the internet and using new features to deliver customised content and functionality.

Some smartphones, cameras, tablets and other small devices have a built-in feature called a geolocator that can pin point your exact location. This data is often published online through social networking sites, or used by location-based services such as maps, public transport apps, retail services and so on. It can also be embedded in images you take with your smart phone camera.

You can support your child’s safe use of location-based services by:

  • Making sure that their location is only visible to friends they know in the real world. Check that the social networking site doesn’t also show their details to those nearby who they might not know.
  • Checking their privacy settings so that if they do share location information, it’s only going to the people they want to see it. If they are in doubt, they shouldn’t check in.
  • Customising their location-based services so that only particular applications can access location information.
  • Switching off location-based services when they are not using them. Most devices and applications allow you to switch location information on and off as needed.
  • Encouraging them to contact the police if they feel like they are in physical danger or are unsafe.

If you, your child or someone you know wants to talk about location-based services, visit the Cybersmart Online Helpline ( or call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.

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Location-based services

Location-based services help you to find a location or to let others know where you are located. This technology can be used to find people, locations like restaurants, or services like ATMs. Location-based services are also used by social networking services to help you provide located-based information to status updates or photos.

A full cybersafety glossary may be found at