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There are now more than 720 events & activities on the Connected Educator Calendar  with more on the way.  Game On

One exciting event you are all invited to is the  premiere screening of the latest Cybersmart resource #GameOn. .
The film will be introduced by Kayne Tremills from ABC3 before the premiere screening of the film. Kayne will also present a short outro.
Topics covered in the film include: • Sharing passwords • Selfies and Safe social networking • Online friends • Excessive gaming • Free downloads
Post screening classroom activities will be available for teachers to download from the Cybersmart #GameOn webpage in the week prior to the screening. These activities will focus on safe social networking, selfies and online balance.

This 25 minute presentation is directed at upper primary school students in Years 5/6 and lower secondary students in Year 7. Full details

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) – Cybersmart

Tip for users – The video is currently password protected. The password will come off on the