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ABC Splash are running their 90 second news challenge for students. For full details
Students are asked to:
splash newsDecide on your story using the theme: ‘What do we need to know about your community in 90 seconds’
Use your mobile phone or digital camera. Plan what you are going to say in your ‘piece to camera’ and remember, be natural!
Think about including an interview and make sure you have written permission for the interviewee to appear in your report.

Decide and plan what shots you need to cover the story. Plan the shoot day itself to make sure you can get everything you need. Remember to be safe at all times.
After you’ve filmed, edited and are happy with the result – just click ‘enter now’ and upload your video.

Entries open: 8 May Entries close: 10 June
Our team of ABC journalists will pick the best reports to feature in July on ABC online platforms.

Two resources to help you are and