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Every so often you come across something simple but handy. Does your school allow YouTube?

Andreas Hofer is creating some videos to help use the Google tools. He is hosting them on YouTube. This film g-learning #2: Sharing (and embedding) a YouTube Video from a certain start time has many applications for teaching and learning.

You don’t need to edit the videos, just follow his very simple instructions to enable you to share and embed video moments with your students. Or get your students to use it as a handy tool to report any issues they were having, they could pinpoint any concept they found confusing or difficult. eg I followed the concept till here (Here is where I became confused). That is gold!

Victorian Government schools are able to choose to open YouTube for staff, students or both. It can be done permanently or for certain times.

It is a decision that your school should consider from an educational perspective, putting in place expected behaviours around times, use and purpose. eg students uploading videos (This should apply to their use of their own mobile technology too)

Your school is able to add it to your allow list on your schools filters.