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The blog post on Tuesday featured a government report around young people and risky behaviour. I followed up yesterday with an approach taken by a creative company in addressing a social issue. Now for some classroom application.

Dumb ways to die used creative freeware to develop their campaign. The technology allowed them to do it in an engaging way. More than just engaging and being fun, the campaign was different because of the technology available and the thinking behind its use.

Social media allowed a different approach to audience participation and delivery.

So what difference does technology make to the thinking creative approaches we teach our students?  Are we just teaching them to present? – present powerpoint style, even when we use different medium or technologies?

This Prezi “how to” provides some great ideas to get your students to think and present a concept differently.

The technology makes this possible. Give this to your students, Choose a topic…Romeo and Juliet ….. Antibullying….. Global issues … Could be anything. But here is an authentic way to connect technology, creativity, thinking to any curriculum area.

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