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eduSTAR_Blue_Grey_OUTLINESchools around Victoria are starting to see the great opportunities the latest eduSTAR image is providing their students and teachers alike.
With the eLearning team providing support through regional presentations and online support materials I thought I would take this opportunity to highlight these great apps to our Global2 community. Please share this with your peers and students and feel free to drop us a line at Global2 if you would like to share a post on work your students may be doing with this software.

Software on eduSTAR is available to schools through the Department’s School Technology Architecture and Resources (eduSTAR) standard platform. The eduSTAR program provides schools with standardised models, patterns, management practice and tools in order to deliver an effective mix of educational software and tools to enable teachers and students to access and embrace the Ultranet.There are currently over 80 software applications available on the eduSTAR software list.

The broad range of applications cover:

• animation
• concept and Mind Mapping
• digital video and image creation
• drawing and painting
• interactive curricular resources
• logic and problem-solving
• 3D modelling and game-making
• presentation and multimedia tools
• sound and music making
• thinking skills
• typing tutors
• web authoring tools
• writing tools.

Have a look at this eduSTAR promo video below but also check out the tutorials at the eLearning ICT Showcase on how to use the software in your classroom.