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DeforestAction Live Web Event SurveyAre you looking for a chance to participate in a global collaborative project established by school students to halt the destruction of important rainforests, create a permanent home for orangutans, and save the planet? On March 3, DeforestAction is running three really exciting online events for schools, direct from deep in the jungles of Indonesia.

Students in Victorian schools can log in to meet orangutans, hear from Dr.Willie Smits about how he is restoring rainforests, and be invited to join a global movement to halt deforestation, and to connect with other schools around the world on engaging and meaningful project based learning activities. The teachers and students will also be offered an opportunity to have their school feature in a major 3D motion picture and 6 part documentary.

To become a participant school you need register and check to see which session time best suits you and your class. Upon registration, teachers will be provided a full teacher resource kit and further details.

Check out this video from Dallas Primary School which was created as part of their involvement with DeforestAction during 2011.

DeforestAction At Dallas Primary School