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Congratulations to all  Global Teacher and Global Student blogs shortlisted and to those who were nominated!

How proud we are that so many of our  globalstudent or globalteacher bloggers have been acknowledged globally,  in the final nominations for the Edublogs Awards 2010!

Thank you Mel Cashen for searching through and putting together most of this list for us.

A special thanks to eLearning of DEECD for both providing and supporting us with this blogging campus.

Here are our nominees and their appropriate categories.

Voting has started now, so please vote for us and show how proud we are of our bloggers who have such global influence and presence.

Please vote for your favourite blogs at Edublog Awards 2010 or follow the links below.

Best Individual Blog

1.       Integrating Technology in Primary Classroom by Kathleen Morris (McGeady)

Best New Blog

1.       Teaching Literacy in the Early Years by Kelly Jordan

Best Class Blog

1.       2KJ @ Leopold Primary School Kelly Jordan

2.     2KM @ Leopold Primary School Kathleen Morris (McGeady)

3.     Middle Learning Unit BPS Rick Kayler-Thomson

4.     Technoscience Britt Gow

5.     The Brainy Bunch’s Blog Dale Mills

Best Student Blog

1.      BB’s Awesome Blog (2KM)

2.     Dhugsy (Hawkesdale)

3.     Millie’s Marvellous Blog (2KJ)

4.  Rhiannon’s Blog (2KM)

Best Teacher Blog

1.      Teaching Literacy in the Early Years by Kelly Jordan

2.  Integrating Technology in Primary Classroom by Kathleen Morris (McGeady)

Best Educational Webinar Series

1.      Tech Talk Tuesday hosted by Anne Mirtschin

Best Librarian/Library Edublog

1.      Bright Ideas (SLAV)

Best Resource Sharing Blog

1.      Bright Ideas (SLAV)

Who have we missed? Please add as a comment below. Other Victorian and Australia teachers have also been nominated  so check out all the wonderful treasures in all categories at The Edublogs Awards 2010

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