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With all this talk about cyber bullying, episodes on Facebook and the government applying internet filters it is timely to remind users of some basic precautions. I have worked on the internet for twelve years and I have been blogging since blogs appeared in 1999. So far I have had little to concern me but then I do make it a practice to put some locks in place and just as I managed my classroom, I make it a practice to be present and manage my blogs. Common sense rules apply here at Global Teacher.

Schools using Global Teacher and other blogging environments are strongly urged to apply some guidelines. Various schools have adapted what are basic rules. The following from ‘The Wild Library’ at Monivae is just one example of Blog Guidelines.

When working with this blog and each of our other blogs, Monivae students need to ensure that they follow these important guidelines. They are designed to make sure that you enjoy these spaces.
• Only ever use your first name or a nickname when you are writing on this or other blogs or wikis
• Never use any other students last name
• Never post any personal information–such as your home phone number or home address on this or any other blog or wiki
• Never share any of you usernames or passwords with anyone and never log in as another student
• Remember the “Grandma” that anything you put on the internet could be read by your grandmother so only write things you could say to the nicest of grannies
• Be a good online citizen and never write or post anything that could hurt anyone else
• Always check with an adult if someone asks for your phone number or to meet you
• Always tell your parents or teacher right away if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable
• Never make arrangements to meet anyone over the internet without telling your parents
• Make sure you publish only your own work. Don’t under any circumstances use other people’s work and call it your own
• Be aware that images and website content may be subject to copyright. Do you have the right to use the material?
• Make sure that you read over your writing before you post it to check the spelling and that it reads okay

Adapted from ‘The Rules Rule’ on Emily L BPS Blog