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Follow Kate Leeming as she cycles over 20000km across Africa, highlighting social issues along the way. The trip commences in October this year and continues until June 2010.

As Kate says: The purpose of the project is to learn firsthand about the causes and consequences of extreme poverty and through the story of the expedition which unfolds, educate and inspire actions which will assist in making communities more sustainable and resilient to the issues. Essentially this is about giving a ‘leg up’ NOT a ‘hand out’.

Visit the Breaking the Cycle website to find out more:


DEECD is supporting the project with the creation of four inquiry units of learning which are targeted at the middle years. A wikispace has been set up to store the units, which are being progressively uploaded. These will be finalised ready for use in term four:

  • How am I connected to Africa?
  • How does the past impact on the present?
  • How does where I live affect who I am?
  • Who is responsible for poverty?
  • Breaking_the_cycle_wiki

    A Breaking the Cycle ning, or collaborative website, has been set up for teachers and their classes to enable participating schools to connect to others who are also involved in the project. Any teacher is welcome to join the ning, although we encourage those that join to please be an active member of the project. You can view the ning without joining. You can dowload some guidelines for the ning at either the wiki or ning.


    Email with any questions about the project.

    Edit: There was an article about Kate in the Age on Thursday 2nd September. and you can hear her at also she will be on twitter @btcycle when the expedition starts.