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Connect is an awesome site for early childhood, primary and secondary  students implemented by the Victorian Department of Education and Early Education.    Links to each of the age groups contain an Aladdin’s cave of wonderful resources.  The primary students link has some of my favourite sites such has the ABC Behind the News site (a great resource which looks at local and overseas events that hit the news and simplifies it – suitable for upper primary and secondary).  Behind the News is complete with lesson plans and worksheets.

Another great site featured on the primary link is the educational site, BBC Bitesize, which covers numeracy, literacy and science for KS1 (ages 5-7) and KS2 (ages 7-11).  Lots of wonderful resources for extension work, revision or introduction to new topics.  Other links on the site include “Things To Do” featuring activities to: listen, draw, create, experiment, watch, design, publish, discover, read, play, make multimedia.  The primary students page also hosts a dictionary, thesauraus, encyclopedia, maps, calculator, news, environmental news, health, science, art, health, sports, animals and more!

This is definitely the best  one-stop shop for primary resources I have come across.

The secondary student resources at Connect are equally impressive.  If you have early childhood learners, there’s plenty there too.