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Today I came across this and just loved the power and simplicity of it.  The idea is in the video below but I think it could be adapted powerfully to work with students on visual and written literacy.  The first video is from the book which started it all.  People submitted their six words stories via twitter and match with images from flickr.  I would love to work with students on this idea where they take the images and match it to their six word story.  I think it is an extremely powerful way to demonstrate the power of images and words.  The second video is from a teacher who had a go with their students.

I would love to start up a channel or a site with students six word memiors and begin to celebrate students ideas and work.  If you would like to be involved please comment below and we can begin to collaborate.  I would also like to set up a movie of educators 6 word memoirs.  I am currently working on my own and would love to work with others.  Please join me and others in collaborating in this project at <a href=””></a>

I look forward to learning more from everyone.  Here is my one I have put it on the wiki as well