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Privacy online refers to protecting personal information from being shared where we do not want it to be shared.

We are all required to protect the personal information of students.

Personal information can be shared online easily and it is important to consider what you post about your students, what they post about themselves and what information is collected and shared by online systems.

The golden rule put in as little information as you can.

To use Global2 we ask only for a user name and a school email address for any user. These should be non identifiable.  We recommend that no full student names be published, never connect names to photos and keep the identifiable bits of information to three. It is highly likely that your school already identifiable through your blog.

As our students are young Privacy legislation in Victoria requires us to obtain fully informed parental consent about what information we can share and who is able to see it.  

DET has provided the following advice

Posting and sharing information on-line about a person other than yourself, requires consent.
Consent must be fully informed, freely given, current and specific in how the information will be presented and to whom it will be presented.

Schools will require signed authority for any work, images or information posted on-line.  School should understand that while consent can be freely given, it can also be withdrawn at any time.  The school would then be required to remove the content/resource immediately.’

How does the school ‘fully inform’?

It is important that you do everything in your power to keep parents informed of what you are doing and what technologies you are using. Even though it is a DET online service parents must give consent. You and your school community are best placed to determine how to obtain fully informed consent.

Some ideas to help inform parents:

  • include information in the Acceptable User Agreement (AUA),
  • host all sites on the school website and include links to the information on the specific sites,
  • include information in the newsletter and parent information nights etc.

Technology storing information 

As Global2 uses CampusPress technology the following privacy policy applies to all Global2 Blogs.

Adding a Global2 description to your Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA)

The aim is to inform your school community about Global2 and what options the school is intending to use. e.g class blogs, individual student blogs etc.
It is a great opportunity to describe what you are going to do with the blog e.g Portfolio, learning diary etc. and how parents are able to be involved.

About Global2

{INSERT SCHOOL NAME} uses a variety of digital technologies for teaching and learning. We acknowledge they must be used responsibly. We believe that learning cyber safe and responsible online practices are essential for students in a modern world and best taught in partnership between home and school. Safe, respectful and responsible behaviour is explicitly taught at our school and reflected in our Student Engagement Policy.

The purpose of this agreement is keep you informed about the technologies we are using, the learning purpose and how we deliver a duty of care.

One key space that we are using is Global2

Global2 is a blogging community developed specifically for schools. It has been developed and is managed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria.

Our school uses a variety of web tools and resources to develop digital literacies and educate our students about the appropriate use of digital technologies. 

The class/ student’s blog will connect those technologies and enable opportunities to learn about managing and participating in social media. 

As a parent/guardian you will be able to see the school/ class/ your child’s blog. We encouraged you to get involved by posting comments and reinforce appropriate behaviours for working on-line. 
For your child to participate in this or any community we require your informed consent. If you would like more information about how the school intends to use Global2 please contact {Insert contact person’s name}

To join global2 we will use your child’s school email account and their first name and initial only. {or a username}

The school’s use of Global2 (Choose the relevant option)

The school is setting up a class blog
As part of this community our school will set up and manage class blogs for (insert the class name/s) The teacher will control all posts. This blog will be

 Delete the option you are not using. Describe how students will be supported (Duty of care)

□ open to everyone on the internet

□ password protected or 

□ restricted to the Global2 community


  • a genuine global audience and opportunities to work with other schools  in global projects
  • an understanding the importance of a positive online presence, and
  • the development of skills and knowledge to manage their technology.

  • only those with a password to see the class blog OR
  • access by other schools using global2. Often used for a specific project (describe the project and note there can be no parental access as parents can’t join Global2)


and/or the school is setting up individual blogs for students

As part of this community our school will set up and support students to manage their own individual blog using the students’ school email address.

Parents select the level of privacy for their child’s blog.

□ open on the internet with / without search engine access.

□ password protected or 

□ restricted to the Global2 community This is generally used for a specific project (describe the project and note there can be no parental access)

The more information you can provide to parents in as many different form the better.

The AUA also provides you an opportunity to describe how your school delivers its ‘Duty of Care’ to its students when working on-line and how you see this preparing them to be safe and responsible users of digital technologies in their lives.

Global2 blogs are created by individual members of the Global2 community – the teachers and students of Victorian Government and Catholic schools. The Department of Education and Training Victoria is committed to ensure that all content hosted on Global2 is appropriate and legal.

If you believe copyright-protected work or personal information has been posted without your authority or you see any inappropriate content on Global2, contact the Edublogs support team at Content will be removed following notice.

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Attention Global2 users: Department-funding for Global2 is being discontinued.

The Department of Education and Training will not be funding the use of Global2 past the end of the current contract on 31st of December 2020.

Please refer to FUSE for further details on the discontinuation of funding and transition options available for schools.