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Every ANZAC Day my old principal used to read the students Simpson and his donkey over the loud speaker. I remember the senior kids knowing it off by heart. Its a lovely story but for those who want to mix it up Annabel Astbury from ABC Splash has presented some great resources for you to check out.

1918mccraesbABC Splash ANZAC Topic Page

We’ve curated a selection of clips from the Splash Library and from across the ABC all mapped to the Australian Curriculum, including these clips on The Last Post and The meaning of ANZAC Day.

Gallipoli – The First Day: Interactive documentary site

Get your students to immerse themselves in the first day landings at Gallipoli in 1914. An extensive resource that explores Australian and Turkish perspectives on the ‘day that shaped a nation’.

Australian War Memorial Education Resources

A great collection of practical activities and primary resources for use in the classroom as well as this collection of resources exploring multiculturalism in the AIF.

M is for Mates: Animals in Wartime

Poppies is pegged on the wall bearing the World War I dead soldiers' names, at the Australian War Memorial in the northern French city of Villers-Bretonneux, on April 25, 2012 as part of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) Day ceremony. Anzac Day commemorations are held each year on April 25 to mark the anniversary of the ill-fated landing of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) at Gallipoli in World War I. AFP PHOTO / PHILIPPE HUGUEN

Did you know animals could be awarded a medal for bravery in war? Ideal for younger students learning about different aspects of war, this publication by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs takes a different, often uplifting, take on life on the frontline.

Andrew Denton’s Brothers In Arms

This clip invites older students to contemplate the many different ways the past is remembered and commemorated. An excellent introduction to the way documentary can contribute to the historical record.