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This is number 13 in a series of great articles designed to put in school newsletters to keep parents informed around the latest cybersafety issues. They have been developed by Cybersmartthe Cybersmart team at ACMA and are available via

Schools are encouraged to copy and paste these in your school newsletter or share them online. Find the series tagged under Cybersmart


Managing offensive or illegal content online

The internet contains a wealth of useful information which can be quickly located through a search engine to complete school tasks, entertain and organise day to day activities.

Offensive or illegal content online can be found by accident or may be sought out. Offensive or illegal content can include extremely violent material, sexually explicit videos and images, racist views and criminal or unsafe behaviour.

The following actions will help you and your child manage a situation where they encounter offensive or illegal content.

If your child or someone you know wants to talk about something that has upset them or made them feel uncomfortable, visit the Cybersmart Online Helpline ( or call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.

DEECD resources can be found



Filters manage access to online content. A filter can restrict times when the internet can be accessed and also restrict what is viewed and downloaded based on certain key words or types of content. Some filters can also be instructed to specifically block information from being displayed. Types of filters range from those on home computers to filters used by a school on its server.

A full cybersafety glossary may be found at