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ACARA releases statement to the review of Australian Curriculum The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has provided a statement as a contribution to the Federal Government’s review of the Australian Curriculum. In January 2014, the Federal Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, announced the review, with a final report due at the end of July 2014. education

ACARA’s statement highlights the processes it adopted in developing each of the learning areas and subjects that make up the Australian Curriculum. ACARA’s Chair, Professor Barry McGaw, believes the Federal Government’s initiative to review the Australian Curriculum has its benefits. ‘We are obliged to provide our future generations with the best possible learning opportunities and outcomes,’ said Professor McGaw. ‘Work on the national curriculum is never completed.

It will always be a work in progress so ACARA will be open to whatever advice the reviewers provide. ‘I am convinced the processes ACARA adopted, drawing on the nation’s best expertise and talent, has allowed us to establish a dynamic, high-quality Australian Curriculum. It has certainly caught the attention of other nations, many of which have invited presentations on what ACARA is doing,’ he added. To view ACARA’s statement, visit ACARA’s website.