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This is a lesson devised by myself and fellow music teacher Andrew Williamson

I’m a big believer in getting children to compose from a very early age, in that way the mystique is taken away from the role of composer and it becomes a natural and enjoyable activity for kids to participate in.

This is the overriding principle Andrew Williamson and I apply to most of our Music planning

A great way to start with young kids is to have them compose sounds capes using their voices. It’s the instrument that is always available. This video shows how the electronic whiteboard can be utilized with these compositions. In this example we drew a number of pictures all around the theme space which we then correlated with related sounds that we would perform. The sounds are all placed in an order and performed. At the discussion stage The Electronic whiteboard really becomes useful as pictures can be picked up and rearranged depending on the childrens ideas of how to improve the composition. Like wise pictures can be placed ontop of each other and you can start teaching the role of different parts being played at the same time.