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Blogs are a perfect platform for pulling together a whole range of content – like your online tool belt.

Mobility – iPad and Android tablet use

The Edublogs app is designed to be used with Edublogs and Edublogs Campus blogs.

All you need to do to use it with a Global 2 blog is:

  1. Download the Edublogs app –
  2. Launch the Edublogs app and click on Add Edublogs Campus site –
  3. Add your blog URL, username, password and tap Save.

You’ll find our comprehensive support documentation here – You can also access this Help Guide directly inside the Edublogs app.

The WordPress for Android App also works really well with Global2.

The use of embed code allows you to put a video into your blog or other media types. It brings the media to you and your audience, rather than sending your audience off to follow links.

Look for the embed code on tools, resources and videos you might want to present in your blog.  The code is in HTML (The language of websites)

You don’t need to understand the code. Global 2 has a HTML tab that will work it out for you.  

To embed media

Take the code (COPY) from the source.   Select the HTML Tab (to present the HTML Editor) and then put the paste the code into your blog (PASTE)  It will place the code into your blog post. To see it switch back to the visual editor, UPDATE the change and it will present as a yellow box.  PREVIEW or VIEW the post and your media should present. Give it a little time as the source needs to be drawn into the blog.

 html tab image

NB YouTube presents it to members on all videos but your school filter may block YouTube and alternative is FUSE for Victorian Government teachers which also produces an embed code. Teachers can upload their videos to their FUSE desktop (Log in on the page under teacher log in) and embed it from there.

Embedding is particularly good because it is not making a copy of a resource it is pointing to it and therefore does not breach copyright. A teacher shouls consider the Moral rights in copying a video they know breaches copyright.

Global2 now features the capacity to create blogs and wikis.

What is a Wiki?

Commoncraft have produced wonderful videos. Visit their site at



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Youtube Video Check to see if you can see this video in your school  
Locations of visitors to this page clustrmap to indicate
where all your
visitors come from
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