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As Global2 is an Edublogs Campus, all technical support and user guides are provided by the Edublogs team

If you are not able to find what you need in the user guide contact the Edublogs team

We have attempted to add all Catholic and Government school email addresses in to the Global2 system to allow our schools to join automatically and to ensure that we know who the members of Global2 are.

If are having trouble joining or need to add a project partner, sister school or someone into your blog who does not have a Victorian school email address we will need to add them manually. In your email please verify them as part of your project and make sure your Principal is included in the email.

Please contact

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4 comments on “Technical Support
  1. Miss OH says:

    I need to clear my blog in preparation for this year.
    I have deleted all posts. There are still names showing up in the ‘recent comments’ section on my site. When I go in to the comments section, all comments appear to be cleared. How do I remove the list of names from the ‘recent comments’ section on my site?
    Thank you.

  2. campus says:

    Hi Miss Oh

    The Edublogs team provides support to all Global 2 users.

    Please send an email to with your blog URL if you still need assistance with this.


    Sue Waters
    Support Manager
    Edublogs | CampusPress

    Twitter: @suewaters

  3. Robert says:

    Am unable to School blog. Your site wants me to register but rejects any email addresses(sorry but that email is not allowed).

  4. sandy says:

    Hi Robert to join Global2 you have to be a member of a Victorian Catholic or Government school. You would be able to register with your school email address automatically. Gmail accounts bring in loads of Spam so we have had to block them. Also to honour our agreement with Edublogs we need to ensure that we only have the users we have agreed to have as part of Global2. Can I suggest looking at Edublogs as an alternative.

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