Global2 is the Department of Education and Training blogging platform and is its own ‘Campus’ of Edublogs. It has a Campus App for iPad and Android devices.

The technology is the same as Edublogs but there is no cost or advertising on Global2 for Victorian government and catholic schools. The support files

refer to many Edublogs resources.

Setting up a teacher blog

  1. Go to the Global2 website –
  2. Create a Global2 account using your Edumail email account. See the Edublogs help files at:  But make sure you are setting up in Global2.

This will set up your user account and your first blog.

  1. Give students permissions to comment on the blog


To set up and manage individual student blogs: Students will need an email address. All government school students have this available


  1. Create individual student blogs (from the teacher blog’s ‘dashboard’) with the teacher as the top level administrator  
  2. Learn how to connect with parents using blogs


Once you sign up, you can do the following tasks via the dashboard:

  • Add students (users) into your blog so they can interact with you and peers
  • Add student blogs so they can share their work
  • Use Posts to broadcast your class news-like information
  • User Pages to show more static information for your class
  • Upload multimedia files via Media.
  • Use plugins to enhance your blog later when you want more.
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