Coaching for teachers for the Victorian Games and Apps Challenge

Microsoft small logoPicture2and the Department of Education and Training are presenting free coaching sessions for teachers to support the Victorian Games and Apps Challenge.

Students are welcome to attend if teachers wish to invite them. They will not need to register.
Teachers do not need to be registered for the Challenge or even Victorian to attend. – All are welcome but you never know you might catch the Gaming bug!

The sessions will be delivered by Adobe Connect (no special equipment required)

15th August, 4 – 5pm:  John Sietsma – Unity 3D introduction

Register to participate:

16th August, 4 – 5pm:  Dan Bowen / Dave Glover – Visual Studio

Register to participate:

18th August, 4 – 5pm:  Trent Ray – Touch Develop 

Register to participate:

22nd August, 4 – 5pm: Matt Jorgensen – MinecraftEdU

Register to participate:

For Full Details of the Games and Apps Challenge go to :

Professional Development & Training Sessions


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Victorian Schools Games and Apps Challenge

The Department of Education, Victoria (DET), Microsoft and ACMI are proud to announce the Victorian Schools Games and Apps Challenge.small logoPicture2

This exciting challenge provides an opportunity for students in Years 6, 8 and 10 to design, develop and pitch a game or app to Microsoft to solve a problem they believe needs solving.

The challenge brings the new Victorian curriculum to life.  By bringing together Digital Technologies and Critical and Creative Thinking, teachers can empower their students to become discerning and creative problem solvers.

The Challenge asks students to identify a problem, conduct research, analyse data, and use this information to design and code a prototype Game or App that offers a solution.

Entries for the Victorian Schools Games and Apps Challenge close on Friday 14 October 2016.

For more information and to enter the Victorian Schools Games and Apps Challenge visit:

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Ideas to Try – Humanities

Here are some of the great ideas to use digital technologies in your classroom in junior classes from Ideas to try – Humanities for Years F-2 

human#090 Video story prompts Use the National Geographic app to watch videos of natural landscapes and students write a story based on one of these landscapes. (VCGGK068)

#093 Family connections Use Popplet app for iPad to create a concept map about families. Create links to show similarities and differences. Include photos of students and their families as appropriate. (VCHHC053) Learn more at FUSE resource ID 7C77ZC

#085 Record your thoughts Take a nature walk around the school taking photos of different fauna and flora. Students create a map showing the school and its key features using recordable speech bubbles or QR codes. (VCGGK068) Learn more at FUSE ID RRRX7H

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English Ideas to Try for teachers

Looking for some quick inspired ideas for your planning with young students?Picture1

Here are some English ideas featured in the Ideas to Try resource released this week for teachers. All have direct links to the Victorian Curriculum.

#032 Story boarding Use the Storyboard resource to explore concepts about print and sequencing in a digital story. (VCELA142)

#033 Make a comic Make an online comic strip with Comix to tell simple narratives. (VCELY160)

#035 Upper and lowercase letters Practise upper and lower case letters using Doodle Buddy app for iPad to trace the letters. (VCELY162)

Ideas to Try is available for all.



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200 Ideas to Try for using digital technologies for Prep teachers

Here are some practical ideas for teachers and students at Foundation level (Prep)  to use digitalPic2 technologies in their classrooms. Linked to all areas of the Victorian Curriculum (VC) it is a handy resource to have when planning, and includes a number of activities extending to VC Level 2.Picture1

Created by the Digital Learning Team at the Department of Education (Victoria), the activities use all sorts of technologies including iPads, computers, notebooks and cameras. It features selected websites and Apps all available in FUSE.

It is also a great resource for other year levels to help them with ideas to integrate technologies into their classrooms too.  Find them in FUSE. The FUSE ID is 58YNC9 or use the link


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4 Tips for Managing the Pokémon craze

Erin Wilkey Oh from Common Sense Education prepared a great article around managing the Pokemon craze in your classroom and presents some tips and fun ideas for channeling kids’ excitement into meaningful learning experiences.

Erin opresents some great classrom ideas. Here key messages are:pokemon-go-dragonite-940x580

1. Educate students and parents about the privacy concerns.
2. Make a plan, not a ban.
3. Channel kids’ excitement into deeper learning activities.
4. Younger kids should only play with an adult and with parental consent.

Read the full article here

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AFL One Team, One Goal competition time to vote everyone!

Vote for your favourite design here…
After receiving hundreds of creative entries from students across Victoria, a shortlist of jumper designs have been selected in the 2016 One Team One Goal: Celebrating Diversity competition. The AFL and the Department of Education want you to vote for your favoutite! celebrating diversity

In partnership with the Victorian Government, the One Team, One Goal: Celebrating Diversity competition was established to give students the opportunity to appreciate and understand different cultures, and engage in respectful and positive discussions around multiculturalism.



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Code Club Australia support for teachers

Code Club Australia is a nationwide network of free, volunteer-led, after-school coding clubs for children aged 9-11. They provide training for teachers.

The mission of Code Club Australia is to give every child in Australia the skills, confidence and opportunity to shape their world. They support kids by providing project materials and a volunteering framework that supports the running of after-school coding clubs.

They invite you to get involved. It’s an hour a week commitment.

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Teach girls bravery, not perfection

A great view for the holidays with an excellent message for educators.
Through her nonprofit, Girls Who Code, Reshma Saujani initiates young women into the tech world.

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One minute film competition for students

ATOM and ClickView are proud to present the inaugural 1-Minute Film Competition.

Australian and New Zealand primary and secondary–school students are invited to make a 1-minute short film or animation, and win fantastic prizes in the process.

The theme for this year’s competition is ‘Diversity’. What is diversity? What are some of the ways in which people are different from one another? How does diversity make our community strong?

The 1-Minute Film Competition website includes the competition rules, online entry system and a comprehensive teaching resource.

Entries close at midday AEST, Friday 5 August 2016.


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