Victorian Education Excellence Awards

Winners for the 2014 Victorian Education Excellence Awards have been announced

The Victorian Education Excellence Awards showcase the outstanding contributions made by teachers, principals, business managers and education support staff in Victorian government schools.

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Educating Modern Learners

Join Will Richardson in a conversation about the challenges and opportunities presented as we raise modern learners.

This presentation will look at the scope and scale of these shifts, clarify the roadblocks schools face, and offer specific starting points for parents to engage in a truly “different” conversation of how best to prepare their children for a change-filled, more uncertain world in the future.

Wednesday 4 June, 5:30pm at Bastow

Educating Modern Learners-WRichardson

Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

This DEECD endorsed course runs from 4 June to 29 October 2014 and provides Victorian teachers with a flexible professional development program showcasing the ways in which
teachers from around the state are adding value to teaching and learning through effective and seamless use of ICT in the classroom. The program will provide practical examples of how primary and secondary teachers are enhancing their curriculum delivery and student learning through authentic and effective use of ICT, virtual communities and Web 2.0 tools. The opening session will feature a keynote address and workshop from Will Richardson, an internationally recognised educator, writer and thinker on the intersection of social media and education.

The course assumes that participants will have basic ICT skills, but is targeted at those wanting to enhance their knowledge, skills and curriculum delivery. It will be relevant to:

  • Primary teachers
  • Secondary teachers up to year 10
  • Specialists, Leading Teachers, Assistant Principals and Principals

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Conrad Wolfram free PD session for teachers

Conrad Wolfram is presenting Mathematica, computer-based math and the new era of STEM and you are invited (or the maths teachers at you school)maths_main_software

Conrad Wolfram, physicist, mathematician, businessman and technologist is Director of Strategic Development and European Co-Founder/CEO of the Wolfram group of companies. Conrad is also the world’s leading advocate for a fundamental shift of maths education to become computer-based, arguing that this is the key way to address issues in global maths education and move forward.

His widely acknowledged 2010 TED talk laid out the rationale and roadmap for this rethink and the same year he founded (CBM) to drive implementation of the change.
All Victorian Government secondary schools have his application Mathematica available to them via EDUSTAR

Session Title:  Mathematica, computer-based math and the new era of STEM’

Date:               May 27
Time:             2.30pm – 3.30pm
Venue:           BASTOW 603-615 Queensberry Street North Melbourne

Cost:                There is no cost to attendees. This is a free event Register:            

PLEASE NOTE: This is a free event. When you register and get to the payment section just choose credit card or invoice payment and it will progress through to a zero invoice and not require any payment
Further Info:

Email Peter Maggs at

Using digital tools in the classroom – Online professional learning

An online professional learning program related to using a range of digital tools in the classroom has been developed to meet request from schools.

Focus areas will include:

  • Beyond classroom walls – Web conferencing (2 sessions)
  • Social media in teaching and learning (2 sessions)
  • Mobile devices across the curriculum (1 session)

To register yourself or anyone at your school for one or all of the courses click here.

For the PDF information sheet to display in your school (similar to below) please click this link - Using Digital Tools in the Classroom

For more information or enquires please contact Penny Rowe on 03 9651 3017 or email

Webinar date/time Focus Title Presenter Target audience
Wednesday, 21th May 2014, 4pm and 

Wednesday, 28th May 2014, 4pm

Beyond Classroom Walls – Web Conferencing
These sessions will support teachers to use web/video conferencing tools such as  polycom, Lync, Skype and Blackboard collaborate and connect with other teachers outside of your school community.  This course would be very useful to those schools that have recently received a Polycom unit and would like to learn how to use it better. 
Anne Mirtschin, Virtual Conference Centre Coach All school staff Register
Thursday 5th June 2014, 4pm and 

Thursday 12th June 2014, 4pm

Using Social Media in Teaching and Learning
These sessions will explore how social media can support and enhance teaching and learning.  This course will help teachers to develop a better understanding around using social media safely with students, exploring some of the concerns and misconceptions.  It will also help teachers who are unfamiliar with social media to learn about how it can be used for tasks such as professional networking and information gathering.
Mel Cashin, Digital Learning Consultant All school staff Register
Wednesday 18th June 2014, 4pm Mobile devices across the curriculum
This session will explore using mobile devices, such as iPads, in the classroom in creative ways.  We will consider the value and use of various apps across all curriculum areas including video, animation, recount, storytelling, and augmented reality.  There will be opportunities for discussion around how to overcome barriers such as the transfer of data, connecting, creating a multi-device environment and implications of particular apps.   
Penny Rowe Senior Project officer, Digital Learning Branch All school staff Register

My story my content short film competition for students

The My Story My Content Short Film Competition is an initiative of IP Awareness and Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM). It provides students with the opportunity to make a 60-second short film or animation celebrating Australian screen creativity, and win fantastic prizes in the process.
My Story My Content calls for aspiring filmmakers – primary and secondary students, and students at tertiary or equivalent institutions (such as TAFEs, private film schools, etc.) – to focus on the value of creativity and the need to respect the work of creators and filmmakers in Australia.home-right-callout Entries close at 5pm AEST, Friday 8 August 2014

To help you introduce  students to the issues concerning copyright and the illegal copying of audiovisual material before they start to think about scripting and shooting their short film, take them through some of the copyright resources available for free at

To support the scripting and storyboarding og their film use ACMI Generator’ Production resources 

FUSE Search Panels

What are FUSE Search Panels? The Search Panels are a series of ready-to-use search forms that you can use on your own website or Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to plug directly into the FUSE Search Engine. We have created a number of Search Panels for you to use so that you can pick a Panel that fits in with your website or LCMS. We have added one to the home page of Global2.

They look like this and present different seach results for each audience. Students are welcome to add it to their blog or site page within any LCMS. Its a great way to teach students about the nature of HTML embedding.

link to FUSE

link to FUSE

How to use the FUSE Search Panels

We provide all of the source code for the FUSE Search Panels, which are ready to go with minimal configuration required. Although it is not required, to implement any of the Search Panels within your site, some basic HTML knowledge would be advantageous. 

We have included a data field within each Search Panel which is used to count the number of searches coming from your school. We use this information to track usage to we can identify the commonly used search terms from your school to give us indications on what Topics can use further improvement. Please note that your privacy is important to us, and we do not store any user-related and personally identifiable details from a submitted search.

Getting a FUSE Search Panel set up on your site is easy – just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a Search Panel from the different styles presented below
  2. Get the Source Code by clicking the appropriate link below your selected Search Panel. 
  3. Copy the Source Code into your own site from the code presented on the page
  4. Look at the HTML code for the following line:
    <input value="" name="Source" type="hidden" />
    Replace the with the web address of your school.
  5. Save your changes to your site, and take a look in your favourite web browser to see your newly created Search Panel

ERGO research treasure from State Library Victoria

If any teachers out there have had the experience (as I have) of getting back student assignments that are clearly a copy and paste from the web you have to stop and do an analysis. – a self-analysis. What did I ask them to do?

It’s too late to turn off the internet (that horse has bolted!) and time to look at the tasks you have  set, the questions you asked and take on the mission to define “unGooglable” assignments and challenges.

This doesn’t mean ignoring the internet and has to be bit more interesting than “put the answer you found on the internet in your own words”

It’s a balance of taking the information or “facts as we know them” and doing something interesting, something creative, and even collaborative to get students to understand, connect and build on their knowledge.

For this post I went searching for some great source or “research guide”.
Looking at a world of offerings I remembered a quiet little resource tucked away in the State Library of Victoria, ERGO. Yes it’s local!

ERGO LINK State library

  ERGO- State library Victoria

Developed for students this little treasure is a must for all teachers, in particular – English teachers. ERGO presents other resources to support students’ personal learning. The Research Skills resource and carefully thought through challenges set by teachers could be a powerful combination to eliminate question that are “Just waiting” for a Wikipedia response.

Check out

LIVE webinar series will look at ABC Splash Today @ 4

scootle webinarScootle LIVE will be presenting an interactive web conferencing series for Community members to share, connect and reflect on ways your community works for you. The next session in the Scootle LIVE webinar series will look at ABC Splash (, and is taking place Wednesday 23 April. Running times:  NSWACTVICTAS, QLD -4:00pmWA -2:00pm NT, SA -3:30pm

The link to access the session is:

Participants can access the session via Mac, PC or mobile device. For a full list of system requirements please refer to this link: Mobile device access is provided via the adobe connect applications click to download via app store for Apple device or Google play for Android device
Participants who have not attended an Adobe Connect webinar before should run the following diagnostic check to ensure you have what is required to access a Connect Room:

The room will be open to join 15 minutes before starting time. Please note that the webinar will be recorded and published in Scootle Community and on Education Services Australia’s Youtube Channel. Participant details and chat will not be included in published recordings.

More Details: Louise Bowe  T +61 3 9207 9664 |

One Team, One Goal – Celebrating Diversity

Victoria is a great multicultural success story. Together with our indigenous community we have citizens from more than 200 countries speaking web-part promo260 languages other than English and following 135 faiths.

Our diversity is one of our strengths. It is important that we celebrate diversity within our schools and broader community.

If there’s one thing that unites Victorians, it’s football. Football brings people from all backgrounds and from all corners of the state together to barrack for their teams.

That’s why the AFL and the Victorian Government are coming together to launch One Team, One Goal – Celebrating Diversity.

Submit your entry and Read More

The competition runs for nine weeks, with entries closing on Friday 23 May at 11.59pm.