The Everyday Lifesaver App

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) has launched a new app that is available to students for learning emergency response, water safety and lifesaving skills. The app uses gamification to make learning water safety, emergency response and CPR more engaging.


The Everyday Lifesaver App is part of a range of strategies employed by LSV and the State Government to address children drowning by increasing their water safety and lifesaving skills. In Victoria, between 2000 and 2013, there were 205 drowning incidents involving children aged 5-14 years; 31 fatal and 174 non-fatal (hospitalisations). Swimming capability is declining in Victoria as evidenced by an estimated 60% of Victorian children leaving primary school unable to swim 50 metres continuously.

‘Everyday Lifesaver’ is accessible online via a variety of tablet devices and PC, which provides teachers and students greater control over how, where and when they learn. LSV will be evaluating the effectiveness of the Everyday Lifesaver App with at least 4000 Year 7 & 8 students from 15 to 20 Victorian schools.

The Everyday Lifesaver App is currently available for all schools to download at no cost in the iTunes and Google Play stores. The App, as well as teacher support resources, can be accessed via


Thanks to Jill Brown for the original post.

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Launch of the new DigiPubs site

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new DigiPubs site! Created by DET Digital Learning and STEM Branch for Victorian school educators, DigiPubs are digital publications which provide practical advice and resources that can be accessed online on any device through any browser.

The DigiPubs available are the:

    • Digital Deck  – provides access to online versions of the deck and a word template for schools to create their own cards
    • Planning for 1-to-1 Learning  – provides advice on what schools need to consider to make informed decisions about 1-to-1 program implementation, including introducing BYOD.
    • iPads for Learning  – provides practical advice, school stories and resources including information on using apps, iTunes Collections and iBooks.
    • Microsoft in the Classroom  – provides information on implementing a learning program using Microsoft products. This includes the research report Inking Your Thinking: Case studies in innovation with Microsoft Surface which involved three Victorian schools.
    • Deep Learning Competency Framework – the 6 C’s (Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Citizenship, Character and Communication) DigiPubs provides information and resources for unpacking the competency for the classroom, connecting it to the curriculum, learning progressions, assessing and reporting, leading professional learning and ideas to try.
    • AusVELS English, Maths, Science and History – DigiPubs link Department resources available on FUSE and the eduSTAR Catalogue to the curriculum.The site has been established through ongoing consultation with industry partners, schools and education experts to bring together a number of DET Digital Learning and STEM resources in one central location. New DigiPubs are currently under development.

VCAA have a page on the site where teachers can access the VCE Advice for Teacherspublications for the following subjects: Computing, Economics and Business, English, Health and Human Development and Mathematics. Thanks to Jill Brown From the Digital Learning News

To access the site go to:

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How to build a story from the Sydney Story Factory

Stories can be complex things, full of emotion, depth, themes, and new ideas. But, like castles, cakes and cars, if you have all the right parts, they’re not too hard to create. In this digibook, Matt from Sydney Story Factory will show you how to build your own stories, using tricks to create exciting characters, plots, settings, genres and language.

Thanks to Splash for sharing this great resource

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Zoom in on the reVEAl conference 8th December

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at galleries and museums?

Here is a chance to get a sneak peak at some of Australia’s treasures and I mean the curators….. ACMI in Victoria and the Australian Museum in NSW will be hosting the reVEAl.

Presenters and delegates  will be connected  via video conference. Once you register all you need is the link you receive.

Teachers can dial into a single session or the whole conference.

Selected sessions focus  on  STEM, Arts & Culture, History, Sports & more. Have a go its free for teachers!

The day is designed to be fun, interactive and to provide networking opportunities for teachers and content providers. There will be a variety of short sessions to provide something for everyone. Full details and registration here

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2016 Teachmeets

2016 seems along way away but already there is an opportunity to get involved in a Teachmeet.

Welcome to Teachmeet Melbourne is a space for organizing physical or virtual meetings of teachers in and around Melbourne and Victoria.

The 2015 Plans Page is available to see the events of this year and now the 2016 page is available to add in your offer or suggestions for events

Heather Bailie describes her experience at Teachmeet

Hints on running a Teachmeet of your own available here
Follow on Twitter @TMMelb and join the Google+ Community (Teachmeet Melbourne)

BUT there is also a 2015 Teachmeet happening at Princess Hill Primary School, 21st November 2-4 contact @melcashen or sign up

Anyone can host a TeachMeet and if you would like help – just get in touch with @aimee_gale @medg56 @melcashen@ccoffa

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Remembrance Day

The FUSE team has collected some great resources for teachers and students to investigate Remembrance Day.FUSE

Check them out here

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Gaming portal with great ideas

BrainPOP has been known and loved by teachers and students since the early days of the WWW. It hosts some great Game1resources including this educational games portal.

There are a couple of ways in which teachers and students could use these resources. They could let their students play them BUT looking to stimulate higher order thinking and getting kids to create and collaborate they could be used as models for students designing and making their own games.

This food chain example could be made as a board game or designed using one of these tools .


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Assessment FOR contemporary learning – Show What You Know with Media

We are always looking at ways to assess for, as and of learning.Create

Encouraging students to work and create with media allows them to demonstrate their knowledge and understandings in any topic or subject area possible. I came across this resource “Show What You Know With Media”. I haven’t read the book but the web resources look really interesting and really easy to follow.  “Show What You Know with Media” is a book series and website created by Dr. Wesley Fryer the site

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Join ‘The largest online gathering of K-5 classrooms’ but wear your jarmies

One for the truly dedicated…… On Friday, October 30, 2015, K-5 teachers from across North America and beyond will click on a simple link and be joined together online for a live-streamed participatory event they will enjoy with their students from the comfort of the classroom!

Join in the fun as we celebrate the end of Connected Educator Month with songs, stories, movement, laughter and learning during the first annual “Largest Online Gathering of K-5 Classrooms.” Hosted by performer and teaching artist Dave Ruch (, and Powered by Zoom. The only downside is that the event is at 3:15 am our time.


But maybe this Connected Educator event might be better timed for us.

The Teachers Guild Book Club Tweet Up and Meet Up



Join The Teachers Guild community online and in person to discuss this month’s book club read: Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era by Ted Dintersmith and Tony Wagner. We’ll chat about sparking student curiosity, reframing success, what it means to teach and learn in the 21st century and other big ideas in education.


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Theories of learning in the digital age

I found this online and wondered what teachers though of it’s idea around the idea of connectivism? The infographic appears on an international blog (Spanish ? Portugese?), was then connected via Pinterest and finally I saw it on Scoopit. Post any ideas or comments please. 


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