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Tux Paint- It’s Free & Students Love It.

“Tux Paint is free, Open Source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It is developed by volunteers around the world.” Tux Paint is an attractive drawing package for students and it runs on a variety

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Use Comic Life

3/4A at North Fitzroy Primary viewed a video on bullying and this generated a great discussion. Then they looked at the UK gov site on cyberbullying and had another discussion centering around what technological mediums cyberbullying might take place.

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Have you seen PicLits yet? It’s a lovely site for ‘inspired picture writing’. Choose an image and then drag and drop words (categorised as nouns, verbs, adjectives etc) into the space. The object is to ‘put the right words in the

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Terrific Tools

Like most people who write a blog, there is never enough time to write about all the wonderful and interesting tools that are constantly evolving.  To keep this post manageable, I’m mentioning a few of the fabulous tools that I

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Blogging Questions from Doncaster Secondary College

Doncaster Secondary College have made a commitment to blogging as a means to engage students. This semester they have devoted six full days to skilling staff with the view to engaging students in 2009. As a part of the process

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Like knitting with a knife and fork?

My action research project with the Knowledge Bank: New Generation Collaborative Learning and Research Project is about social networking and maths and science learning in the middle years. First, what is social networking? My own definition would include sites that

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Create your own symbolic shield

I created this symbolic shield at Scion crest generator after blog-surfing and stumbling onto Tom Woodward and Jim Coe’s site, Bionic teaching. Last year, the year 9’s drew their own symbolic crests using symbols from books and the internet. You

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I have discovered a vibrant, safe online learning environment for school children called Superclubsplus. This supervised utility is huge in the UK and Europe and is now gaining recognition in Australia. Currently it is free for schools to sign up

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Knowledge Bank Conference

SIGN UP FOR THE CONFERENCE NOW! The Knowledge Bank online conference this year is focused on Web 2.0 in education: what it is, how it’s being used today and its potential to radically change education. Topic: Learning in a changing

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100 Helpful Web Tools for Every Kind of Learner

For those unfamiliar with the term, a learning style is a way in which an individual approaches learning. Many people understand material much better when it is presented in one format, for example a lab experiment, than when it is

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