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Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media

As the title of the blog suggests, you will find inspiring ways to engage students with social media.

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Online sticky notes

When sticky notes came in, it made organization a lot easier. Notes could be written and stuck on desks, books, calendars  reminding people of all the things that had to be done. These would include telephone messages taken by admin staff etc.

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Live Writer

Live Writer is a great program to introduce students to Web 2.0 technology without having to be ‘online’. It is good practice to store important information on your computer and Live Writer helps you to do that. One application might

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Rowville Secondary College – a SLAV/Connect Web 2.0 winner!

Michele Berner, English teacher and e-learning coach and Katherin Grelis, Teacher Librarian at Rowville Secondary College have developed a winning way with Web 2.0. As joint winners of this year’s SLAV/Connect Web 2.0 competition, Michele and Katherin have devised an exciting and

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Read, Write, Think

Read Write Think is a site from the UK that offers a collection of online Student Materials to support literacy learning in the P-12 classroom. While this site includes lesson plans and web resources, I have found the most useful

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Tagul is a resource similar to Wordle. However, Tagul allows users to sign up, save Taguls and embed them into webpages. Gorgeous tag clouds Here is some information from the Tagul website: Tagul is different …Wordle clouds cannot be used

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Bloom’s Taxonomy in the Digital Age

Most teachers are probably familiar with the Bloom’s Taxonomy model which details the six levels of thinking from lower to higher level thinking (remembering, understanding, applying, analysing, evaluating, creating). Mike Fisher, an American instructional coach and consultant has come up with

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Connect and SLAV Web 2.0 Competition

Are you doing some wonderful work connecting students using web 2.0 applications in your classroom … or keen to start? You might be interested in entering the Connect and SLAV web 2.0 competition 2009. What do you need to do?

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Creative Commons

Stumbled across this great blog post about Creative Commons in a Australian Education context via an Ed Tech Crew podcast.  Some excellent information about where to find  Creative Commons Licensed materials and how to use them. This is very handy

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Connect presentation – National History Teacher’s Conference

Whether you attended the National History Teacher’s Conference on Thursday 16th July or not you might be interested in checking out this presentation on Connect – many aspects apply to all subject areas. I uploaded it to Slide Rocket in

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