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Blackboard Collaborate and MacBooks

Our Virtual Conference Coaches have had a few calls from technicians who are having trouble getting Blackboard Collaborate to work whilst in VicSmart Network on Teacher MacBooks. If you experience this problem the document below, thanks to Gary Schultz, should

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Hot issue for education – Student Privacy

Growing public concern about student-data privacy is prompting fresh scrutiny of the ways technology vendors handle children’s educational information—and opening the gates for a flood of new questions and worries from advocates and school officials. Take prominent ed-tech players Edmodo,

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Party tricks in PowerPoint

Two handy features in PowerPoint 2010 are the trim video feature, enabling users to edit a video on the ly an feature from images, which performs a basic image edit. Here is a FUSE package with why and how you

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ABC Splash – Let’s Draw with Graeme Base live event

ABC Splash are running a fabulous event Let’s Draw with Graeme Base live event. Draw pictures and let your imagination run wild with picture storybook illustration! We investigate how to create unbelievable characters to tell a convincing story with Graeme

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ACARA releases statement to the review of Australian Curriculum The Australian Curriculum

ACARA releases statement to the review of Australian Curriculum The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has provided a statement as a contribution to the Federal Government’s review of the Australian Curriculum. In January 2014, the Federal Education Minister,

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185+ All-time favourite movies for kids and teens

There is often discussion about the value of film or movies for students. Heidi Hayes Jacobs calls for film literacy to be part of the literacy education for all students citing the impact and presence they have in young children’s lives. The

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Acceptable use agreement templates for schools

Schools who are sending out Acceptable use agreements (AUAs) are reminded that there are templates for them to localise available on the department’s website. Acceptable Use Agreements and Consent   These agreement are templates. Schools can add and/or delete information where

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Did you know you have access to 1000’s of licenced digital resources? – login to FUSE

All of the digital resources licenced for the Ultranet are now all living in FUSE. Victorian government teachers just need to login to FUSE with their Edumail numbers to access them. They are easily shared with students via link, resource

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Building a better internet together

Schools across Victoria came together for the annual web conference for Safer Internet Day 11th February (put it in your calendar for next year). More than 18,000 Victorian students came together online to share ideas and commitment to Building a

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100 science lectures for the flipped classroom

Terry Heick Director of Curriculum, TeachThought has put together 100  Science Lectures For The Flipped Classroom Each one of those 100 leads to a treasure including number 21 BIOLOGY THAT MAKES US TICK More than just a lecture, MacArthur Fellow and

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