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Personalised learning chart

Thanks to Kathleen McClaskey’s and Barbara Bray for sharing this through creative commons. You are able to comment directly at Personalized Learning Chart Version 3 from Barbara Bray

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So what difference does technology make? – Using new thinking to present a powerful message

The blog post on Tuesday featured a government report around young people and risky behaviour. I followed up yesterday with an approach taken by a creative company in addressing a social issue. Now for some classroom application. Dumb ways to

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Follow up to the risky behaviours report published yesterday

Accident rates on the Melbourne Metro were rising, largely due to an increase in risky behavior around trains. But a rail safety message was the last thing our audience wanted to hear and traditional public safety messages just don’t work

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eLearning Excellence Awards

The sixth eLearning Excellence Awards of the eLearning Industry Association of Victoria was held on 14 November.  The K-12 sector had a great range of finalists worth checking out.   Winner: Royal Children’s Hospital Create, Explore, Learn App.  This app encourages

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Apps for multiple intelligences

A valuable resource can be found at APPitic. The site presents lists of educationally relevant Apps which are presented for iPads but could be a reference for other tablet users. This particular link presents well organised apps for teaching and

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The 5 most persuasive words in the English language

We discuss persuasive text with students and get them to write them. This blog post writen by Gregory Ciotti is a handy resource for teachers to invesitgate the words that persuade us to buy. Great resource for digital literacy, critical thinking

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The likelihood of completing a VET qualification

Australian vocational education and training statistics The Australian vocational education & training statistics have released the findings around the  likelihood of completing a VET qualification 2008–11 Highlights For qualifications commencing in 2011 The national estimated completion rate for VET qualifications

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Webcast Vikings! – Tomorrow Thursday 21 Nov, 2pm

Kayne Tremills from ABC3 presents this action-packed live event all about Vikings!  He’s roped in Viking expert Dr Stephen Gapps, curator of ‘Vikings – Beyond the Legend’ and a village full of Viking re-enactors. Find out what Vikings ate for dinner, why

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iPads in Physical Education

Research fromLiz Weir at the ACU looks at how iPads complements the teaching of Physical Education in the Bachelor of Education (Primary) course and develops the acquisition of movement skills, concepts and strategies that enables the pre-service teacher to confidently and

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Googleable vs Non-Googleable Questions

‘Essential questions’ are all too often lower order. And not that essential suggests notosh The Why   Every topic, every bit of learning has content that can be Googled, and we don’t want teachers wasting precious enquiry time lecturing that

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