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Kathleen Morris is a primary school teacher from Geelong in Australia.Kathleen Morris profile pic

She began using Global2 in 2008 and also works with Edublogs to help teachers learn more about educational blogging.

Next week Kathleen is speaking at theĀ Teach Tech Play conference at Ivanhoe Grammar (Melbourne).

There are two sessions to help you learn more about Global2. This is our wonderful WordPress based blogging platform that DET has been providing for free to teachers and students for over a decade. Global2 is hosted by CampusPress (the sister service of Edublogs).

Thursday 12th April: Unleash the Potential of Blogging in your Classroom

Imagine if you could build a strong rapport with your community while creating an online hub for student creations and connections. Would you like to offer your students an authentic audience and a process for collaborating purposefully? Blogging offers this and more.

Find out why every classroom should blog, what blogging looks like in 2018, and the steps you need to follow to start a successful blogging program.

(Session Two, 11.30am)

Friday 13th April: Flatten Your Classroom Walls and Start Collaborating Globally

Love the idea of connecting with classes around the world but not sure how to get started? Learn what collaboration can look like in your classroom, and find out how to start or join a global project.

Reaping the rewards of global collaboration is easier than you may think. In most cases, all you need is a simple blog and an idea!

(Session Four, 2.15pm)

Come Along!

There are a wide range of sessions scheduled on all sorts of topics such as iPads, coding, leadership, drones, STEM, G Suite, Adobe, Microsoft, makerspaces, digital citizenship and more.

Many educators from schools in Victoria, Australia and worldwide will be presenting. There are keynotes by Kasey Bell, Tom Barratt, and Emily Maclean.

Teach Tech Play is a conference by teachers for teachers, and you certainly don’t need to be “tech savvy” to attend.

You can find all the details on the Teach Tech Play website.

Special Offer

If you’re coming along to the conference, Eleni and the team at Teach Tech Play would like to offer our Global2 community a 10% discount on the ticket price. Simply enter the codeĀ EdublogTTPlay when you purchase your ticket.

Teach Tech Play conference | Kathleen Morris