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We are pleased to announce the launch of the new DigiPubs site! Created by DET Digital Learning and STEM Branch for Victorian school educators, DigiPubs are digital publications which provide practical advice and resources that can be accessed online on any device through any browser.

The DigiPubs available are the:

    • Digital Deck  – provides access to online versions of the deck and a word template for schools to create their own cards
    • Planning for 1-to-1 Learning  – provides advice on what schools need to consider to make informed decisions about 1-to-1 program implementation, including introducing BYOD.
    • iPads for Learning  – provides practical advice, school stories and resources including information on using apps, iTunes Collections and iBooks.
    • Microsoft in the Classroom  – provides information on implementing a learning program using Microsoft products. This includes the research report Inking Your Thinking: Case studies in innovation with Microsoft Surface which involved three Victorian schools.
    • Deep Learning Competency Framework – the 6 C’s (Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Citizenship, Character and Communication) DigiPubs provides information and resources for unpacking the competency for the classroom, connecting it to the curriculum, learning progressions, assessing and reporting, leading professional learning and ideas to try.
    • AusVELS English, Maths, Science and History – DigiPubs link Department resources available on FUSE and the eduSTAR Catalogue to the curriculum.The site has been established through ongoing consultation with industry partners, schools and education experts to bring together a number of DET Digital Learning and STEM resources in one central location. New DigiPubs are currently under development.

VCAA have a page on the site where teachers can access the VCE Advice for Teacherspublications for the following subjects: Computing, Economics and Business, English, Health and Human Development and Mathematics. Thanks to Jill Brown From the Digital Learning News

To access the site go to: