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Many of us have done it, but it is probably is not a great idea to tell your students to “Google it” as the number of results they receive can begoogle astronomical…..and then what???

Teaching your students to use the features on search engines like Google will empower them to focus their search and get better results.

Inspired by the blog I have included some of the short (20 seconds short) videos to check out and share with your students.

Here is a collection of video tutorials  from Google Help featuring some essential Google search tips. Some of these have a US flavour but there are still some handy tips for schools here in Australia.

For a deeper look into search listen to

Alan November – Who Owns the Learning? Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age. In this video he presents that we have a challenge to ensure that our students aren’t overconfident  with their use of digital technologies. This is a great resource for a staff meeting.