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I was asked today how to create student email accounts for Global2 from a teacher in a Victorian site. I supplied the following advice and ask if you could share it widely as it also applied to filtering in Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) schools.

At your school, you have your DEECD internet provider iiNET (formally Netspace).

Whoever manages that service  at your school, possibly the school technician, the ICT coordinator or the Principal has the ability to logon online to create email accounts for any or all of students in your school.

They can even use a file from CASES to generate them quickly. Once you find who has the access password etc… you will be guided through. You can contact and they will assist you but it really is pretty easy.

One of the Urban Myths of DEECD school internet  is that DEECD manages school internet including the internet filtering.

It is provided and paid for by DEECD but each school is able to manage who sees what at their school. Many schools have set up different access for teachers and students.

The DEECD Reference for schools from the website provides a process which includes your staff evaluating the site for its educational value when allowing access to your students and establishing agreed behaviours particularly with any social media sites included.