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Schools who are sending out Acceptable use agreements (AUAs) are reminded that there are templates for them to localise available on the department’s website.¬†Acceptable Use Agreements and Consent

Advice sheets


These agreement are templates. Schools can add and/or delete information where necessary to make them relevant to their school environment. It is recommended that teachers work through the behaviours described in the agreement  with their students and send a copy home for students to share and discuss with their parents.

These templates must be accurate,¬†communicated and reviewed regularly and feature information to assist parents to support their child’s internet use at home.

School-based behaviour management policies that reference acceptable use agreements and programs or activities that address safe and responsible online behaviours are more likely to be well received and adhered to if students have been included in their development. Student voice and action is highly valuable as they have the knowledge of how it is being used both appropriately and inappropriately and the related consequences for its misuse.

Student Engagement Policies that have considered online behaviours and responsibilities could achieve the same outcome as the AUA itself.

It is understood that students’ signing of these agreements is a way of raising awareness and is not legally binding on those students.