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A well constructed video to share at a staff meeting.
If you can’t see the video you will need to add YouTube to your school filtering.
This can be done for teachers only, all of the school including students, or just for a certain time period.
The ability to add and remove websites from the school’s filtering in Victorian Government schools remains within the school.
It involves a login to the schools internet account. A considered process for including sites at your school is highly recommended.
Staff need to ensure that they have included the site for valid educational reasons and ensure that they have clear expectations of how people use the internet and that is well accepted across the community.
This includes not only supervision but explicit teaching about using the internet safely and responsibly.

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Attention Global2 users: Department-funding for Global2 is being discontinued.

The Department of Education and Training will not be funding the use of Global2 past the end of the current contract on 31st of December 2020.

Please refer to FUSE for further details on the discontinuation of funding and transition options available for schools.