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CAMPBELL Walsh was sick of waiting for his NAPLAN test results. ”I wanted to know how I’d done. It had already been about four months and I still hadn’t got the results,” says the year 5 student from Aitken Creek Primary in the outer Melbourne suburb of Craigieburn.

In another era, Campbell might have been told to sit down and be quiet. Instead, his teacher, Bec Spink, suggested he post the question on social networking site Twitter. Campbell had an even better idea: why not tweet to the Prime Minister? Spink didn’t skip a beat. ”Righto,” she said.

Twitter, which has been described as the ”SMS of the internet”, enables users to send messages of 140 characters or less. Campbell composed the tweet: @JuliaGillard Why do I have to wait for so long for my NAPLAN results? What’s the point? CW (Grade 5).

Spink then sent it on her iPad using the class Twitter account @acps456. Campbell hasn’t received a response from the PM just yet, but there is little doubt the tweet has been seen by someone from her office. It was also retweeted seven times by the class’s 115 followers, which include classes in Ireland, New Zealand and the US.

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