Global2, Your New Space To Collaborate

If you’ve been checking in with your Globalteacher blogs and noticed a change of URL, or if you haven’t noticed the changes on this page, then welcome to Global2 the new space for DEECD schools to Collaborate, Communicate and Create. The new space brings together the previous GlobalTeacher and GlobalStudent spaces into the one, Global2.


Like the previous spaces, Global2 is an edublogs campus, in fact one of the largest in the world and offers all of the advantages of edublogs WordPress based blogs but with the support of and integration with DEECD tools.

Going forward with Global2 we have a number of exciting initiatives and plans in progress more of which will be announced on this site soon so watch this space. If you are a previous or existing member of Globalteacher or Globalstudent and you are looking to create new blogs, (and of course we hope you do), then Global2 is the space to do this.

We also know that with any restructuring of this kind some unplanned things can happen. If you find that there are problems with your existing blogs, please bare with us as we work through any issues and accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause in the short term. Please also know that your existing blogs have been archived in the short term and the content can be accessed. You might also like to look at a previous post on backing up your blog so that you also have a copy of your work.

Again can we encourage any existing users who are concerned about any of the results of these changes to be patient as we very much value the fabulous work you’ve done previously in either Globalteacher or Globalstudent and look forward to even better things in the future.

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18 comments on “Global2, Your New Space To Collaborate
  1. Peter Kane says:

    Hi, I am in the process of trying to set up individual blogs for my grade 5/6 students. Each new student into my class has set up a blog in the past 2 years. Due to the changes, the old process of establishing blogs does not work.

    When it is finalised, could you please send me the steps necessary to set up student blogs, so myself and colleagues can get our student blogs up and running. My new students are looking forward to using them.

    regards Peter

  2. Carla says:


    I have tried logging into Global2 using my existing Globalstudent user name and password but it won’t work.

    Am I doing something wrong or has this not been finalised yet?


  3. mrpbps says:

    Hi Carla,

    Unfortunately Globalstudent users have to do a new registration for Global2. You will find the Register link under the Meta widget on the right side of the Global2 blog. Just follow the links and you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

  4. Carol Kane says:

    I currently have a global student blog. I have tried to register with global2 so that I can attain a new blog however my edumail address is already in use and registered for my current global student blog. When I try to register, that is the message I receive.

    What do I need to do in relation to aquire an ‘’ email address so that I can register with global2?

  5. mrpbps says:

    Hi Carol, you’re getting that message because you are in fact a member of global2 having been a previous member of Globalteacher. As a result you just need to the username etc that you used to sign up for Globalteacher. If you can’t recall these then please send an email to and I can reset them for you.

  6. mrpbps says:

    HI Maryna,
    An by product of the move to global2 has been that all blogs have lost their side widgets. Unfortunately we at global2 or edublogs are unable to get them back for you so you will have to add them again to your sidebars yourself. With regards to Clustrmaps in their FAQ’s they offer the following advice

    If you want to change the URL you are using, until we make this possible, we recommend starting afresh with new dots unless you want to deploy a special ‘workaround’. You can actually choose between two routes, the second of which is the ‘workaround’ method:

    1. Start all over again just by registering your new domain as a brand new ClustrMaps user (for ‘ClustrMaps+’ users we can apply the same ‘+’ status to your new account as long as you email us to let us know, but your dots would start afresh with the new account). The advantage is that this is nice and simple. The old one will just remain unused, ‘fade away’ and we will eventually delete it from our records. Even for those worried about ‘losing’ all their precious dots and totals, we have found that in the long run it is fine, because your new map will have its own life and its own starting date, so this will be very clear to anyone looking at the map.

    2. Keep the same registered URL, and use exactly the suggested HTML code from your first (old) site on your second (new) site! The disadvantage is that the URL may look weird or confusing to anyone inspecting the code, but it will work fine, and in fact it will record the dots correctly on your new site, as long as the thumbnail map is correctly displayed.

    As one who has enjoyed seeing my Clustrmap develop over time, I know the motivation and endorsement that these widgets offer however in the need to update the global service some inconvenience has been unavoidable.

    As far as the notice re copyright, thanks for drawing our attention to this. As far as I understand it this notice is part of the blog theme we have chosen. I shall look into the issue further and get back to you.

    John P

  7. blynch says:

    Hi there John, I am planning another year of blogging with MLY after you got me hooked about this time last year. I am having trouble though as I get this message… Akismet is almost ready. You must enter your API key for it to work, on the dashboard. I have the API key but can’t enter it anywhere. Any suggestions?
    Bern from LLPS.

  8. Hi John,
    Can you tell me please, whether I, as a teacher, have to register all my student blogs, even those at year 11 and 12? Are they allowed to apply for their own blogs. If not,do I make them co-administrators? In the past, students have applied for their own blogs, then made me a co-administrator. Thanks for you advice in advance.
    Anne Mirtschin

  9. starnott says:

    Hiya…. I have tried to set up my class’s blogs today… using their school email addresses… but it would not accept them, even though it is a addy?

  10. mrpbps says:

    Hi Suz,
    At the moment I have to add the school part of the “yourschool” email address, (we’re working on making it automatic). I take it that your students’ emails end in Let me know if it isn’t as I’ve enabled the latter and you should be able to move forward and create your blogs.
    Thanks for the alert and great to have you back on board, Cheers John P

  11. starnott says:

    thanks John… that’s the domain…
    will try again 🙂

  12. mrpbps says:

    Hi Suz, Have sent you an email re all your comments to your gmail a/c

  13. Christine says:

    I have always used global teacher to create a blog. However last year I changed Schools and am now teaching at an Independent school. Is there any way I can still use Global2?

  14. mrpbps says:

    Hi Christine,

    Unfortunately you are correct in assuming that as you are now working at an independent school you will no longer be able to create blogs with Global2. Access to Global2 is now being restricted to Victorian Education Department schools and Victorian Catholic Education Office schools. Cost is one factor in this decision, (a check has found that the previous global services were being used by all manner of jurisdictions other than Victorian schools as well as an increasing number of spam blogs). As a result you will no longer be able to create Global2 blogs for your students from this point forward. There is one qualification to this protocol and that is if a non-Victorian DEECD school is involved in a project with a DEECD school access can be created for a blog(s) used in the conduct of this project.

    In the interim, going forward if you wish to create new student blogs for your students, can I suggest that you use edublogs, which provide the campus service for Global2. I’m sure that you already know this but edublogs Pro enables you to create an ad-free blog for yourself plus have the capability to create 50 ad-free student blogs for from $3.33 per month. If you do wish to head in this direction then Sue Waters at edublogs will assist in any transition, please ensure that you mention you have been using global services.

  15. marya says:

    I did manage to work out how to log into my old global teacher blog but I had lost access to the PLN program run by Judith last year. I had continued to access the program after it had been completed as it had terrific resources and there was so much there on offer. Would it be possible to find out how I can again access the resources in PLN program?

  16. marya says:

    Yah! I have found the link to the VicPLN.

    I now found how to access it again! This is a wonderful resouce that should have a link on the Bright Ideas Blog.

  17. saliel25 says:

    how do i add widgets and things to my sidebar!

  18. mrpbps says:


    You can find information some general information about adding widgets in the Getting Started With Global2 notes under the About > Help & Support tab at the top of the main Global2 site. A direct link to the notes is

    You can also find more specific assistance in the edublogs help at

    changing-your-sidebar-widgets/ and


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