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Are you a teacher of play based learning or do you have colleagues who are? Even if you’re not, you’ll enjoy exploring this blog.  


Created by two passionate Victorian educators, Sherry and Donna, it aims to showcase irresistible ideas for teachers who follow a play based curriculum. Their enthusiasm in palpable. Be sure to leave a comment!

Sherry says:

‘These days most of us explore the web for ideas, my assistant and I being no exception. We have struggled to find a site which is relevant to the Australian educational philosphy of play based learning and the developmental curriculum, so decided to set up our own blog as a resource for teachers, parents and tertiary students of children 3 – 8 years old. We call it “Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning”.

Its address is:

We are basically putting our own program out there and inviting others to share their ideas with everyone else as well. There are many people with fabulous programs which we never get to see or use because we don’t know about them or have a forum where these ideas can be exchanged.

Please take a look –  we’d love your feedback!’