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The School Library Association of Victoria  has commenced a blog for the Readers Cup. In 2009, SLAV will be holding Readers Cup state finals for the very first time. At present, all secondary schools are invited to attend by registering their interest via this survey. There are enough teams at years 7 & 8 and 9 & 10 to guarantee that there will be a final for these teams later in 2009.

Primary schools that are interested should also register their interest via the survey. Once there are enough Primary Schools interested in participating, they can be catered for well. Initially teams in grades 5 & 6 that are interested in participating in 2010 are asked to register their interest.

And to help you on your way with your school-based heats for the Readers Cup, SLAV have provided a number of questions and answers for popular books. These questions and answers are accessible via the Readers Cup blog, with links on the right-hand side of the page. There are questions for students in years 5 & 5, years 7 & 8 and years 9 & 10.

Anyone who would like to share questions and answers that are not provided on the blog in the Readers Cup CD published by SLAV are more than welcome to submit them. Please see contact details on the Readers Cup blog ‘contact us’ page. You will be given a credit for writing the questions and answers.

As most of you know, the Premier’s Reading Challenge commences on Monday 2 February and finishes on 31 August. To help things along, all of the Readers Cup books that have questions and answers provided that are on the PRC list have been noted. Just hover your mouse over the title of the book and if it is on the PRC booklist, it will give the year level.

As per the PRC FAQs students can read from PRC lists above and below their year level.

This is a great way for students to read a book once but to use it twice; once for the Readers Cup and once for the PRC.

The rules for the SLAV 2009 Readers Cup State Final have been released. Please click here for a copy.