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Year 9/10 students at Wedderburn College are learning about how their world is changing by exploring Web2.0. The aim of the online project is to help students understand how the web influences their lives.
We are using Curriculum framing questions to support and drive the learning.
Our essential or overarching question is
How is our world changing?
Our Unit questions direct the thinking and learning more specifically.
How does the internet influence our lives?
Why do so many people now share their lives on the internet?
How can we stay safe online?

Can we ensure that we are safe on the internet?
Our content questions will help us answer the Essential and Unit questions.
What does the term Web2.0 refer to?
What are data mash ups?
What are blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, social networks, video sharing sites and how they are used?

We are using three main tools while we research many others that are online.
We have a ning. As a social networking site, students will be able to share things that are important to them, be able to participate in forums and hopefully meet other students.
Our wiki will be where students will build a site that will be useful to our teachers and students. It will provide explanations of web2 applications and will show good examples of web2 apps being used well.
And our students are blogging via global students. Our main blog which will document all the teaching and learning that will go on is here
Along the way we will use web 2.0 to make the research more efficient. For example all students have created their own delicious account

Students will work together on the wiki to create a resource about web2 that teachers and other students can use. They will learn more about each other and collaborate and share their thinking via the ning. And they will reflect and respond on the process via their blogs.
We would love some other students and teachers join us. If you are interested go to the wiki or the ning and ask to join up.
Anne Baird, eLearning coach, Wedderburn College,